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TellCaribou Survey FAQ

  • Question – Is Caribou a Starbucks outlet with a different name? 

Answer – There is no connection between Caribou and Starbucks. Both of these establishments belong to separate coffeehouse chains. 

The first Caribou was served in 1992. They operate 700 coffee shops throughout the globe. Their goods may be found in grocery shops, mass merchants, and online outlets in all 50 states of the union. 

  • Question – How can I participate in the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Answer – You must make a purchase at any Caribou Coffee Store location in order to qualify. On the receipt that you get after making the transaction, the admission code will be printed. To participate in the survey, go to the website for the official poll and input the code provided. 

Take TellCaribou Survey

  • Question – The Customer Satisfaction Survey for Caribou Coffee is open to anybody who would want to participate?

Answer – For this Survey, you need to be a citizen of the United States of America. You must visit any Caribou Coffee Store location and make a purchase there.

  • Question – How long does it take to complete the TellCaribou survey? 

Answer – It is essential for the survey to be brief, clear, and uncomplicated; hence, not only should it be possible to read and comprehend it in a matter of seconds, but it should also be less laborious.

A person whose reading ability is equivalent to an eighth grader should be able to complete a survey consisting of twenty questions in around five minutes. 

  • Question – On TellCaribou, does confidentiality apply to my information? 

Answer – Users of the internet have the opportunity to get information and submit it while maintaining their entire anonymity thanks to the internet. Tell Caribou ensures the confidentiality of the information it gathers, and no one will be able to access it without first receiving your approval.

The firm has a reasonable privacy policy that is published for all of the participants; this is done to dispel any uncertainties about the participants’ privacy, which is respected and protected.

  • Question – Just how safe is it to use TellCaribou?

Answer – Both the firm and the participant place a high priority on safety and security. The protection of users’ privacy and the secrecy of their data are of the utmost importance.

If the appropriate SSL technology is used to encrypt the data while it is being sent between the participant’s computer and the web server, the data that is gathered via the internet is just as secure as the data acquired using any other technique that is currently available. 

  • Question – Is it possible to finish the TellCaribou survey in numerous sessions or at different times? 

Answer – TellCaribou has a feature that allows users to store their progress and come back to finish the survey at a later time. This gives users the ability to finish the survey in more than one sitting. At the very bottom of each survey page, there is a button labeled “Exit.” Clicking this option will cause the participant’s replies to be saved, and it will also show more information about how to restart the survey at a later time.

The participant will be able to pick off just where he or she left off when they come back, and they will also have the opportunity to go back over their prior comments. 

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